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We are Wales only specialist energy brokers, dedicated to reducing business energy costs for SME and I&C business in Wales. Switching has never been easier. Complete our contact form and we will do the rest, we’ll source the best energy deal for you. Let us guide you.
We are expert at driving down your gas and electricity costs.

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We make are paid by means of a small introduction fee from the supplier. To preserve a level playing field we are paid the same commission by each supplier, no favouritism is shown (and the best deal for you is achieved).

We are transparent – For your absolute peace of mind we are the only broker to disclose our small fee to you, the customer.

Go ahead, complete the contact form to receive an estimate of how much you’ll save this year, and in future years with no obligation and at no cost to you.

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It’s your money. Money that will favourably affect your bottom line, money that’s better with you than with the suppliers.

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Your business energy offers are individually checked, for the best deal bespoke to you.

The process is simple: leave your contact detail and we’ll be in touch. “Welsh Energy.com” will benchmark your existing arrangement and identify the best deal available. All best offers are hand-checked ensuring you receive the best supply deal, one that is a perfect fit for your business.

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